Decision Analysis

Traditionally, your accountant was responsible for the collecting, recording and reporting of financial information. But at Mauer Power we can do so much more. We’re not just bean-counters. We are often considered trusted business advisors.

As business advisers, with a focus on finance, we find our expertise being used in both strategic and operational decision making.

Our experienced team has a broad knowledge base and maintains a skill set that enables them to add value to the decision-making process. We assist top management making important decisions about how to run the business.

Besides short-run decisions, we also do incremental analysis of your business problems. Be it purchasing equipment or inventory, deciding whether to hire staff or outsource, or perhaps taking a hard looks at the sustainability of a business in it’s current form, our team can save you immense time and money.  Estimating costs and revenues is critical to profitability and liquidity.

This analysis is especially important when cash is tight and your business has to weigh the pros and cons of different options.

You are probably faced with more business decisions on a daily basis than you are even aware of. In fact, it’s likely there are questions you are not even asking about how to better run your business.

Let us discuss how we can help bring your business into greater profitability and sustainability.