If you believe you are here to help people do what they do better, to make this place where we live a better place, continue reading to see the vision of MauerPower …

Three lenses keep our vision focused; the mother, the father, and the Son.

When she was alive, my mother was a musician. She explained music to me as creative infinity; there are an infinite number of ways to create and express. Humans developed a structure, the staff, notes, etc. to better understand it, but really, music is everywhere and pervades everything. Life has rhythm. Life is music. Life is limitless creativity. All we need to do is see it, hear it, feel it.

My father is a professional economist, and a rather good one at that. If you have ever studied economics, finance, physics, or statistics you know everything can be quantified, everything is interrelated, and almost everything has inherent uncertainties. In life, question all assumptions, challenge the status quo, go to the source, examine the whole, its components, and its individual parts. Study interrelationships of things; ask what is relevant, not relevant, and what might be relevant. Form the basis of your decisions accounting for uncertainties, plan alternative routes. Life is a long-running formula, control your variables to optimize your outcome. This was my upbringing.

The Son is Jesus, of course. Take your creative infinity and your long-running formula, influence the variables of life with unbridled creativity; see it, hear it, feel it and do it for the sake of Good.

We believe we are here to do just that, and this is our vision.

Mauer Power Consulting, LLC provides audit, accounting and business advisory services to Missoula and the greater Western Montana region.

We can provide financial statement audits, bookkeeping, business and personal tax preparation, tax planning advice,  employee benefit plan audits, reviews, compilations, service organization control reports (formerly SAS 70) and OMB Circular audits.

Through our business planning services we assists in looking at business structure, revenue models, employee expense impacts, inventory, facilities and more.